What should you do if you receive an unexpecting party invitation?

What should you do if you receive an unexpecting party invitation?

Imagine that: 

You have just an ordinary work day – you got up early, took a shower, got smart clothes and went to work. At the office everything was normal, until you checked your e-mail. And what a surprise! You have received an attractive party invitation that you don’t want to miss. You have known for this occasion but you were not sure how to get there. Now this is your chance to go at the party and meet some important people.

But there is a big problem – you don’t have time to go home, change your clothes and buy something for the host. What should you do?

Don’t panic! We are here for you! 

Just take a breath and look yourself in a mirror. Your clothes may be not a perfect wear for this kind of party, but if they are clean, then everything is ok. You may just “iron” them with wet hand and check if every button and zipper is in the right position. Clean your shoes with wet wipe.  The last step – use a perfume but not too much.

It’s not easy to find a proper gift in the last minute. If you had time then we would advise you to order some beautiful fruit bouquet that will look great on every party table. But in this scenario there is no time for ordering. Still, you can pick a good bottle of wine and some chocolates. 

If the party is a corporate one, then you don’t have to bring anything with you except may be the invitation card. But you may do something that not everyone will do. If the event is organized from someone that is important to you (your boss or a person that could be your work partner), then you can express your gratitude with an attractive fruit basket, ordered with Next-day-delivery option from FruityLux.co.uk . 

We ensure you that your gesture of thanks will be noticed and may be you will get new opportunities on your work. 


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