Fruit Freedom

It is a winter, Christmas is coming and you want to celebrate and enjoy it with your family without any issues, then don't forget to consume as much more fruits than usually.

At the first sign of a cold the best way to kick-start the whole elimination process is to eat fruit-and only one kind of fruit as this puts the least stress on your digestive system.

Apples or grapes are excellent .The high fibre content of apples also makes them great intestinal ‘brooms’.
Grapes are very effective cleaners due to their potent properties which counter excessive mucus.
Grapes provide a quick source of energy which helps when a cold has made you feel low and sluggish.
How much fruit you choose to eat depends on how you feel. You may need to eat more frequently than usual as fruit is digested very quickly and does not remain in the stomach for more than an hour.
You might want to take about four or five fruit meals at intervals throughout the day, but don’t go hungry. Until your cold has completely cleared up, continue to support the elimination process , but in other raw fruits like strawberries, kiwi, banana , blueberry, pineapple, melon and blackberry to nourish and rebalance your system. All those fruits you can always find in
Begin the day with fruits for breakfast. A simple and essential part of the day, your breakfast should consist of nothing, but fresh fruits. They are best eaten like this, served in the basket with first class fruits with or without Belgian chocolate from Fruity Lux as their vitamins and minerals are absorbed into the bloodstream almost immediately.

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