The perfect romantic fruit combination

The perfect romantic fruit combination

We all love fruits, but some of them are preferred.Every fruit has a specific colour, taste and nutritional value. If you want to fill your basket with pleasurable fruits what will be the best combination?

An aphrodisiac fruit basket must contain Strawberries, Mango, Papaya, Bananas and Grape. These are the most passionate fruits in the world. 

The delicious taste of Strawberry is well known. A small Strawberry Arrangement  with a glass of good champagne can make miracles on your date. Everyone will be pleased with this kind of attention.

 Papaya melts in your mouth like a cream and has sweet taste with an aroma of flowers. 

Mango itself is considered the king of aphrodisiac fruits.  It is rich in vitamin E,  The unique taste of mango gives additional pleasure.

Bananas will spark the romance! Contains vitamin B that elevates the energy levels. 

Why we left Grapes in the end?

We can tell you so much about it! 

Grapes is an ancient symbol of romance. The fruit is linked symbolically with love and virility. It is the ‘heavy artillery’ for every romantic person. The fruit is a celebration of our senses – eyes, tongue, skin, nose. It’s a perfect finger food. You can just lye on your right site like an ancient Roman and with your finger tips to pick a really sweet grape. Or feed your partner with it – we ensure you that the pleasure will be for both of you!

An aphrodisiac fruit basket may be finished with milk chocolate and a really good wine. If you want to make a romantic proposal, the best choice is to pick from the eye-grabbing Strawberry Fruit Bouquet.

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