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Train With Us, fruity lux training courses for fruit bouquets

Do you want to open your successful and highly profitable business? 
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Discover the secrets how to set up a successful fruit bouquets business. We are the Top company in fruit bouquet bussines in UK.
Our fruit bouquets are unique and only our company with 12 years of experience can train you on how to make a beautiful edible arrangements.
DO NOT WASTE your TIME and MONEY with online websites and companies who will not give you the real technique for arranging fruit bouquets.
We can offer you 1 or 2 Level course. 
1st Level course you will learn:
-Equipment and safe usage.
-Where to source containers and design aspects.
-What fruit to buy and how to select the best fruit.
-How to make the correct base for all fruit bouquets that you design.
-How to make pineapple daisies.
-How to make the melon centres.
-How to secure fruit correctly.
-How to make a hygienic base for chocolate dipped fruit.
-How to make fruit bouquets(basic) 
2nd Level course you will learn the secrets:
-How to make Fruity Lux fruit bouquets!
-How to sell and  make profit immediatly. 
-How to set up all the administration. systems for a fruit bouquet business.
-How to set up an effective delivery system with support documentation. 

You can choose how many days of training
you want to take.


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