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Welcome to the World of Fruity Lux


Fruity lux guarantee for product quality!

Our edible fruit bouquets, edible arrangements, fruit baskets or any gift baskets are designed by fruity lux experts!

We at fruity lux can create fruit bouquets with unique design, you will not find at any other company.

Only we use exotic fruits like papaya, persimmons fruit, mango, grapefruit, lime and a lot more.

The style of our work will not be mistaken and can be easily recognized, as we create an art!

Fruity lux also guarantee a very good impression, for anyone who receives our fruit arrangements!


We are the leader in fresh fruit bouquets, fruit baskets, fruit hampers, gift baskets in London UK. We bring happiness to all of the life’s occasions with our array of fresh products, including handcrafted fruit arrangements and gourmet chocolate dipped fruit. Our mission is simply to WOW you! We at Fruity Lux know that you want your gift to leave a lasting and positive impression on the recipient, and we are here to deliver that lasting impression right to your recipient.

We create incredible fruit arrangements and chocolate dipped fruit concepts that both look and taste spectacular so that every product you choose is sure to delight. Our chocolate dipped fruit and creatively designed fresh fruit arrangements are always fresh, and always delicious. We require that every piece of produce we use meets the highest standards of quality, including size, appearance, freshness and more.

Every day is a special occasion for someone, somewhere, and we are committed to being there for you whenever you need us.