Halloween gift baskets- Trick or Treat

Halloween is knocking on our doors.

Yes, Halloween is almost here. 

Every year, on the night of the first day of November, almost every person in Europe and America celebrates All Saints' Eve. This is the day when everybody can ‘transform’ himself into his favourite movie character, to dress like a vampire, a banana, an animal or even like a king/queen.

We are going to give you some original ideas how to “transform” your sweet home into a Dracula house. This is the easiest and fastest step-by-step guide.

Step one - Lower the rooms lighting or replace it with color lamps. You can put candles for better effect, but be careful – candles can be dangerous. Don’t place them close to flammable objects.  The best places for candles are the kitchen table. 

Step two - spiders’ web. A lot of spiders’ web. Buy as much as you like. You can hang them literally everywhere in or outside the house. Experiment with different colours and sizes.

Step three – other small, yet important decoration. 

Small “horrible” decoration objects will finish the Halloween house look. You can find them almost everywhere. Choose bloody red and Dracula black colours. Fake skulls and bones, a whole skeleton and fake  bloody spots on the floor will look great. Be aware if you have children. Don’t place things that can be dangerous. 

Step four – meals inspired from Halloween. What will be a Halloween party without a pumpkin lantern? Choose big enough pumpkin and replace its inner (you can keep it and use it for making a pumpkin cake).Decorate your pumpkin! make  eyes, nose and mouth. After that, place a candle inside the pumpkin and light it.  On your table put a basket of different fruits. You can draw them eyes using a chocolate cream for a scarier look. On this day you can use your older tableware – ripped tablecloth, metal cups, old spoons, etc.

Step five – YOU! Dress whatever you like. On Halloween every costume is perfect. Do you remember when the model Heidi Klum was dressed like an old woman? Her disguise was so good that no one from the guests on the party recognizes her. 

Fruity Lux has a special Halloween edition of fruit bouquets and gift baskets  that can be included in-house decoration. The original fruity mix will be delivered just in time before your quest arrival. 

We are looking for you to share with us your ideas of Halloween decoration and party organization. The best of you will be shown on our blog.

And remember – on Halloween the most important is to have fun with your family and friends! 




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