Five Reasons to Love Grapes

Grapes are favourite fruit nationwide and it's no surprise that....

our fruit bouquets with grapes are the most popular and best selling products in our catalogue.
Here are top five reasons Fruity Lux rate grapes as a 'go-to' fruit for snacking and more:

1. Versatile - Grapes are wonderful eaten alone or included in other fruit creations.
2. Nutrition - Flavonols (antioxidants) that are found in grapes have been shown to benefit the cardiovascular system.Grapes are also fat free,low in sodium,cholesterol free and only 30 calories per serving in any of our fruit bouquets containing grapes.
3. Portable- Grapes make a wonderful snack 
4. Kid-Friendly -Little hands can easily snack on grapes and children love their sweet flavour .
5. Taste- Green or red ,you can't go wrong. Grapes sweet flavour is something you can always find in our big range of Fruit Hampers and they will never go out of season.

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