How to decorate your holiday table?

How to decorate your holiday table?

No matter if it is a family celebration or a national holiday, it is time to meet our closest relatives and friends. These days are very special for us and we want to make them unforgettable. 

The best way to show your respect to your guests is to make a remarkable table decoration. It’s easy if you have some free time and a little imagination.

So, how can we decorate the table?

There are simple rules about what things are necessary to put on it:

Use full sets of tableware, glasses and table napkins;

Leave space for the decoration on the center of the table;

Use fruits or fruit bouquets to finish the decoration.

Before you decorate a dining table you must decide what will you put on it. 

Make sure your table is big enough to gather all the quests without putting them too close each other. The tablecloth can be in various colors, but if you don’t have very good designer skills, pick a white one. The white tablecloth is suitable for every further decoration.

There is etiquette how to organize all the plates and glasses. The easiest way is to begin with the plates. The number of plates depends of how many dishes will be served. But they are always placed in order of their usage. For example: if we serve two meals (salad and chicken meal), then the salad plate must be placed over the chicken meal plate. 

When we are ready with the plates, we can put the cutlery. Again, the number of knifes, spoons and forks depends of how many dishes we are going to serve. The rule is to arrange them on both sides of the plate (left side for forks, right side for knifes and spoons) in order of usage – from outside to inside. On each guest place must be placed a water glass and a wineglass.

Let’s talk about the decoration.

You can choose whatever decoration you like. You just need to match it for the occasion. You won’t wrong if you choose a fruit decoration. Fruits are the best because they easily fill the free table space and there is no need for other decoration things. You can just add some candles for better atmosphere. Use fruit bouquets with seasonal fruits or your favorite fruits. The professional fruit basket maker will choose the right combination of fruits depending of the occasion. Further more, the fruit baskets or fruit bouquets are edible and can replace the need of a desert. We must say that these fruit flowers decoration are really eye-catching and memorable.

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