Health Benefits of Mango

Unique Fruit Bouquets


In addition to sumptuous tropical flavour our Mango fruit bouquet deliver a host of nutrients and make healthy eating a delightful sensory experience.
The versatile Mango is available year round and adds delicious flavour to a balanced diet.
- One cup of mangos is just 100 calories,so it's a satisfyingly sweet treat 
- Each serving of Mango is fat free,sodium free and cholesterol free.
- Mangos contain over 20 different vitamins and minerals ,helping to make them a superfood.
- Only the mangos in Mango fruit basket provide 100% of your daily vitamin C, 35% of your daily vitamin A and 12% of your daily fibre 


- Mangos are one of the most popular fruit in the world 
- Mangos were grown in India over 5000 years ago
- A basket of Mango is considered a gesture of friendship in India 
- Legend says that Buddha meditated under the cool shade of a Mango tree
- A Mango tree can grow as tall as 100 feet
- The barks,leaves ,skin have been used in folk remedies for centuries 


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