Happy And Healthy Holiday Season

Varieties of citrus in Fruity-Lux bouquets are available year-round

December and January can be tough months to get through .The days are cold,tend to be grey and we spend more time indoors then we prefer.One shining spot during these winter months is the fact that citrus are in season.We couldn't be at a better time of the year we can't think of another fruit than a freshly cut orange or grapefruit.Of course varieties of citrus in Fruity-Lux bouquets are available year-round ,but during the winter months they are at their peak of flavour and you can find them in our catalogue with Fruit Arrangements at great prices since they are so plentiful.Aside from their fresh flavour and bright appearance our fruit basket containing citrus fruits are terrific addition to your winter diet due to their excellent source of Vitamin C,known to help boost our immune system and help combat illness.This is especially helpful during the cold and flu season.Our gift baskets are also a great source of fiber,which helps aid in digestion and keeps you feeling full.This is key for everyone who made those New Year's resolution to reach or maintain a healthy weight.Switching out of your regular snacks with fruit bouquet from our Fruity-Lux will cut calories and keep you feeling satisfied.

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